Leaders are learners. If you fail to learn, you will fail to lead.

We can’t possibly lead others to a place we have never been. Therefore, leaders must constantly be learning. Growth can come in many ways. Reading a book on leadership. Connecting with another leader who is further along than you. Listening to podcasts on leadership. The opportunities for mental growth as a leader are endless.

Part of that growth requires humility. You aren’t always going to agree with what you read or hear. Sometimes you will be wrong and the information you receive will actually help you grow. Other times you might be able to weed through some of what you receive. But never fail to be humble as your leadership capacity grows.

Do Work!

What are you doing that is undermining your growth as a leader? How are you not growing yourself mentally?

What can you do to change it?

In what ways are you already growing?


2 thoughts on “Leader, Lead Yourself – Mentally! Part 1

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