Ideas for Fall Outreach!

Your Way Back…and your neighbors, and your co-workers, and…

Helping people find their way back to God, it’s what we do. We are a multi-site church with 13 locations across Chicagoland. I pastor a Campus of Community Christian Church (Community) in Lincoln Park | Old Town (we affectionately refer to ourselves as LPOT) a north side neighborhood just north of downtown Chicago. Our Campus is 18 months old and since the inception our goal has been to reach those far from God. The highest “churched” stat we could find about the city of Chicago was that it is 10% churched. Meaning, that in our neighborhood, we have about 85,000 people who aren’t a part of a local church. Another stat we found was that, on average, 1 church closes its doors every week in the city of Chicago. So you can see that helping people find their way back to God is mission critical to the city of Chicago. With this goal in mind, we have implemented a few strategies from day one that happen to fall under our 3 values. 🙂

CELEBRATE – #ShowUpSunday – Imagine an old school “friend day” on steroids; that’s what #ShowUpSunday essentially is. Beginning around the month of June we first introduce the date to all our leaders the day we have set for #ShowUpSunday. This year its September 20. We then tell our leaders to hold the date, and be ready for us to make a big deal out of it. On this weekend it is our goal to nearly double our attendance across all 13 locations. Around 8 weeks out we begin the teaser to our attenders on the weekends. 4-6 weeks out we begin the invite-your-friends-ask. We also share what teaching series is coming, hand out invite cards, and share stories of people finding their way back to God and the role our respective Community Campus has played in that. This reminds people why we do what we do and how we are committed to this excellence. #ShowUpSunday is designed to be a catalyst for their friends, neighbors, co-workers and family. We do everything in our power to create a weekend they won’t forget.

CONNECT – #TryAlpha – Ok, we invited you to a weekend experience, which will be awesome and not forgettable. But we also want to include you. This will happen through the unique experience of Alpha: a large group, small group format with a meal, group discussion and an overall attitude that we’re here to help you wrestle with life’s questions. Our goal is to double our weekend gathering on September 20, but we also have a goal to double the number of people in small groups (which includes Alpha) by the month of October.

CONTRIBUTE – #CelebrationGenerosity – Now that we’ve invited you and included you, we want to show you. Show you that we mean business when we say we want to RESTORE God’s dream for the world via the Jesus Mission. On October 4 we will provide an experience we call Celebration Generosity and we believe this is Good News to those who are far from God. You see, on this weekend, which we make a HUGE deal out of, we give away our entire offering! In fact, in the last 7 years, collectively at Community, we have given away more than $3M!! At our Campus, we were able to give 5 times our normal offering at just over $20,000!

We will market all of this through our church, through direct mailers, invite cards, door hangers, billboards, train ads, bus ads, posters in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, sidewalk chalk, local radio stations, new small groups, reproduce new celebration services, social media, letters to attenders in our database, t-shirt give aways, Campus swag, you name it – we’ll do it! All of it with a vision to reach people who are far from God (Luke 15).


Eric MetcalfEric Metcalf | Campus Pastor | NewThing Residency Director

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